April 28, 2009

black as midnight on a moonless night

this blog isnt really about random image collecting but there are some great tumblrs out there that inspired me to go through my own files and give it a go

sources: jesper ulvelius, moma, charlotte perriand, 廃墟地デフレスパイラル, and all others unknown

April 27, 2009

i said no that bitch aint a part of me

double posting today. i was browsing online shops just to pass time cuz i wasnt sleepy and ended up buying a postweiler hauber dress. i always had a thing for straps (always loved junya watanabe's parachute season) so im excited about this
but wow what an impulse buy.

it's a bit patrik soderstam, yes?

which reminds me, i always reckoned josh beech had the right look for soderstam what with his haircut and exquisite face and all... and then i found out they actually did make him wear soderstam, on the cover of numero. nice!

oh and did you see the rodarte website? insaaaane

April 26, 2009

team nike (and please know this japanese label part 2?)

nike heels by POTTO. i am so sad i missed out on theese, wouldve lived in them if i had them...
although technically it should not be impossible to make these on your own if you had an old pair of nikes, some textured pumps and a good studding kit.

also as i was googling VLADIMIR KARALEEV (more about my love for berlin based desginers later) i was inspired to look for some plastics videos and this one is just really really awesome.

the plastics are a japanese "new wave" band from the late 70s, their music is strange and kind of wonderful. check out the lead guitarist's rainbow head

just to add a few more things i like

hammock bag by fabrics interseason. unfortunately this is way too big and long for me to carry but it would spice up any boring outfit for sure

and some vintage christina aguilera. i was such a huge fan in the dirrty days... extensions + pink frilly undies + black lipstick = way hotter than goth
(although i think blue will be the lipstick color of my choice this summer)

April 11, 2009

please know this japanese label (part 1)

Yeah Right!! is a Japanese fashion duo that reworks vintage clothes into interesting one-of-a-kind pieces. i love the homely incompleteness of their work. These images of their AW08 collection, 'daily life of the eternity'embody true Japanese style--chaotic, messy and always both a nod and a fuckyou to high fashion.

and these are some pieces from their most recent SS collection:
really intrigued by this weaving technique used on the denim skirt and tee. SO much cooler than the "shredded" detail that seems to be popular nowadays, i think.

having said that....... they do the "shredded" thing real well too

and this is them paying tribute to/flipping off prada and LV by stiching them together onto an old boyscout shirt and adding a rubber band belt to the waist. GOOD FUN!!!

April 10, 2009

we all scream for ice cream

I was super excited to find stills of one of my favorite scenes in film history (via this awesome website).
It's the last scene of Down by Law by Jim Jarmusch where Tom Waits and John Lurie swap their jackets before parting ways. I've forgotten how the dialogue went but I remember it was funny and sad and really endearing.

April 3, 2009

some things

I got this dress-BW SS09. I luuuurv it. The volume (voluminosity?) is intense and it’s made of a smooth thick knit. Feels very luxe despite its fun appearance. i might go back for the socks too

Say goodbye to goat! Or rather I will say goodbye. The sick thing with me is no matter how much I like something to begin with, it quickly transforms into the equivalent of Abercrombie&fitchshudder in my eyes if I see it too much. Hello teddy bear fur, fur of the future!

Instead of long goat, i like the idea of a hair fringe on clothing. I missed out on these Andrea Crews tops when they came to Tokyo for a little bit but I really like them, esp cuz they’ve been dip dyed. who hasnt wanted blue hair at one point in their life?

Which brings me to this. does anyone know where i can find this outfit?
Bernhard willhelm SS04or05? Ive been searching for so long. I don’t care if it’s the t-shirt version or the dress version. I just need some fringed superman in my life.

Im into all things floaty at the moment. im surprised that this street snap is appealing to me so much. I like to look at Japanese streetsnaps but to be honest I don’t really see them as inspiration-more like entertainment…

In keeping with this obsession i got this scrunchie last yearish (by Theatre Products, japlabel worth checking out) but then about a month ago I took the photo of tao(see last post) to my hairdresser and got all my hair hacked off. No more scrunchie fun, and I didn’t even get to use it…boo
this girl is not me, btwz