August 28, 2010

young dumb full of cum

lately i like..........

orange hair, clear sunglasses, adidas tracksuits, lumpy/holey knits, big glass rings, ball chain necklaces and spiky chokers, bright colored faux fur, military bomber jackets, mesh tops and stockings (!!!) and chunky platforms

i think a lot of it comes from reading old i-Ds and obsessively referring to Ruben Toledo's style dictionary. (i got the book a few weeks after i wrote this post)

there's a small glossy picture book binded within the book which is the best part

notice: "eat your parents" and "porno" tees

notice: drop waist striped cute

i fantasize about making every piece of clothing illustrated in these pages, and sewing on tags with a print of the drawing, and then giving them out to people on the street who look like they would wear them right.

notice: "t-shirt tucked into bra"

i started collecting old i-Ds a few years ago, mainly because I love the 90s kinetic/sporty style, like where people have unstyled hair, wear little or no make up and wear mesh tops and Bless and Helmut Lang with sneakers. in my head this sort of style runs alongside 90s bjork with her hair buns and ringer tees, ravers with their neon pvc and ball chains, that sort of thing...not exactly high-tech, but kinetic, laid back, so 90s (and maybe early 2000s)

perfect example- fabrice, trustfund kid, wearing helmut lang vest, army surplus pants and nike air mocs ( some of the best sneakers ever)

jpg raver jeans!

speaking of i-D, i recently found out that from 1991 to 1992, there was such a thing as i-D Japan. omg who knew? i bought 12 of the 16 issues published so far

i never paid much attention to zipper magazine, even when i was young , but i came across this special knitwear issue from 1999 and i had to get it cuz it has some great photos of cotton fraf's knits (exactly the sort of thing i mean when i say lumpy knitwear)

(they might look familiar if you remember these weird knitwear images i posted once before, they are also by cotton fraf)

ill leave you with this quote from i-D june 1995, i love skimming through random interviews picking out funny anecdotes

"We were sitting in a bar one night and there’s this really beautiful woman, her name is Denise and she’s an arts student by day and stripper/dancer by night, and she’s got this fabulous tattoo on her back, and she sits down and shows us her arms and they have long slits on them, and we ask her what are these slits, and she explains to us that the thing that’s going on in San Francisco is you take a long blade and you slit down your arms or your legs or any part of your body, then you take gasoline and you pour it on and then you light it. You don’t let it burn through because you’re not talking about burning down your whole body. You just put it out right away, and then she said the real pleasure comes with the pleasure of healing, feeling your body beginning to re-compose and re-constitute itself."

P.S ahhh,,

August 4, 2010

last century modern

Towa Tei ft UA

i like the phrase "last century modern", it makes me think of this md player i used to carry around with me everywhere in middle school. it was a sad old red thing and i listened to a lifetime's worth of bad music on it...

i am really into Arimoto Toshio's artwork at the moment
the world he paints is so quiet and i love that the women are almost always alone but they never look lonely!

* Arimoto used this technique of repeatedly laying on paint and scratching it off to give his paintings a worn out look. he would even hammer holes in the frames. i think that's one of the reasons why they're so special, the paintings look old but they have a quality that is completely timeless and ageless