December 26, 2009

iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii lazy sunday image/video post

who doesnt want a broken baby sitting on their bookshelf? i found this little guy on internet auction

ive been obsessing over this photo the past few weeks. i love how this lady looks stylishly warm and happy. lately my face is always like this :-((
because WINTER SUCKS!!!! i really think i need to move to hawaii or something

louis vuitton leggings are cool ((via papermag

holiday gift suggestion. some of my friends could really use this

"A Child's Guide to Nihilism is an activity and coloring book designed to inform children and adults about the Russian nihilists of the 1860s. It asks questions like "what kind of monster would you choose to be?" and "what path would you travel to a better world?," and ends with the triumphant image of the destruction of everything we know."

weird and wonderful collages by a guy with a nice name: alexander hardashkanov

i love this photo of vika gazinskaya from self service mag. the bed, the bookshelves, vika's hair, the orange and nude...

this is a series of commericials for asience shampoo featuring the figure skater mao asada. most tv commercials are so contrived they make me sick, but i think these are done beautifully

i wish we could see figure skaters in long dresses more often

happy holidays!!!

December 13, 2009

work is sucking the life out of me

my head feels dusty and hollow like this

i woke up this morning humming "venus a a boy" in my head. i love most of bjork's music up til her vespertine album and i love this song because everytime i listen to it, i can picture a different venus...sometimes it's a boyish girl (although the lyrics suggest otherwise) in cropped pants and loafers.. and sometimes it's an awkward boy venus with curly golden hair and porcelain skin, maybe wearing a dress like this

and standing on a dark stage with thick blue velvet curtains, in a pool of blue light

speaking of bjork, ive been looking at a lot of photos of the japanese singer UA lately.
she's one of those people who have succeeded in projecting a very specific image throughout her career. her costumes are usually quite loose and have an asian feeling about them...i think it fits her music well

i especially love her music video for 閃光 senkou

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

i haven't mentioned this yet on the blog but i want to be a costume designer. im not sure how easy or hard this is gonna be but i figure if other people can do it, so can i. it was less of a decision than it was simply realizing that costume design was it. i like clothes and i like seeing people move in them, but it's when you have a story and characters that clothes really start to get interesting. in an exaggerated world where every second of every minute has some sort of aesthetic significance, clothes aren't just a tool to convey a feeling or set a mood, they are a living part of an person's body, as essential as an arm or leg. when costumes are done right, an actor clothed and an actor naked are really just the same....
clothes have the most power on stage or in movies, and rightfully so i guess, because life most days is complicated and ugly and too distracting for clothes to be of any real importance. but whether it's on the street or in make believe, clothing at its best is an extention of the wearer, it should feel naked. that's the sort of clothing i want to make.