March 30, 2009

that face (that hair, that name)

ive been noticing tao okamoto and her awesome bowl cut ever since i first saw her on garance dore. i thought she was korean but it turns out shes japanese! go tao!!!!!!

speaking of which...isnt this tao cdg jacket a sight to behold...the trendy napoleon details vs the sheer navy tulle is really something. i would love to see jane of seaofshoes wear this.

March 23, 2009

Is this crazy

there are times when i find myself extremely inspired by the way some items on my auction watchlist have happened to come together...
i found these two listed next to eachother and i thought it would make an interesting and strangely cohesive outfit:

yohji yamamoto noir basket weave hat, acne jeans liberty print tunic

i think its the contrast that i love: european style vs traditional japanese style, sweet and spring-y vs slightly edgy. i reckon a pair of margiela tabi pumps (or even some japanese getas) would totally complete this look.
& im not sure how practical it would be but i think i am going to buy the hat. can you tell the brim is asymettrical--one side is wider that the other...irresistable:

P>S remember kokopuff who i wrote about last year like a crazy fangirl? she has a blog now and she still dresses impeccably!