November 10, 2007

tribute to a mystery fashionista

There's one diary on MSD that constantly stuns me with its outstanding originality and style. Forget all those Hollywood starlets with undeserved style icon status--Kokopuff really, seriously knows how to dress. I mean, if I happened to spot a girl on the street in any one of the following outfits, I swear I would just stop and gape and break into crazed applause. Kokopuff's wardrobe accomodates a huge range of different designers (from Dolce and Gabbana to Rick Owens to Karoo) and she isn’t afraid to mix them up and take some risks.
How she manages to work difficult tops with such versatility is beyond me. (I actually own the same sheer Comme des Garcons top with cream appliqu├ęs, but I can assure you that Kokopuff wears hers 300000times better than I do mine. )
Her collection of boots is literally "to die for"—ankle, over-the-knee, and hooded—they’re all fantastic.
And I am so jealous that she owns a Fluo bag. I've been searching for this bag in Tokyo for god knows how long...
In conclusion, I am endlessly inspired by this girl.


AVA said...

I've noticed her a long time ago on MSD, and she's really my style icon. Love the way she dresses!

Jo said...

I love her style too!
the colors are so simple and "calm", lovely!

Bobble Bee said...

This girl is really amazing.