August 4, 2011

when you talk about love

It's been 4 months and a week since I started working as a stylist and assistant to a costume designer I respect very much.

It's hard to sound sincere when you're in love with something, certain feelings are beyond words or maybe I just haven't found them yet. But to say that I'm happy would probably be an understatement. Every part time job I've ever had has left me feeling weird and a bit cheated. But I've realized that when you work for something you believe in, not much can put you down. Blurred vision, swollen ankles, an empty wallet...all of those feel like part of the picture. They feel alright.

Where I work trends have no meaning and there are no such things as style genres or beauty standards. Of course with every job there are boundaries, but to find freedom within those boundaries is exciting.

I love meeting actors, watching how they move, reading scripts and thinking about all these different lives and how they would show in the way the characters dress.

I love watching my boss work. She has the ability to transform incredible ideas into reality and to be able to watch it happen and even be a part of it is such an experience.

Of the three basic necessities of life, clothing is the only one that applies solely to human beings; when you work with clothing, you deal with the way people live and think. And nothing is more interesting than people!