July 24, 2009

he-he-heat in your skin, pull up a chair and unwind

i've been wearing my nWo kevin nash tee so much lately. i pulled it out of the crapbox under my bed a couple months ago and since then i've been loving it all over again. which makes me realize how it's always a safe bet to keep stuff even if u dont want it taking up precious wardrobe space. i've made so many regrettable choices selling/throwing out my clothes in the past.

i found a tumblr that posts stills of b-rated movies, mainly horror and semi-gore...be warned, the images are so freaking good youll wanna save them all

all that's left on my imaginary to-do list for now is enjoy summer
and what is summer without big lives...and beach raves...

but say no to drugs!!!!

i finally got around to snapping an outfit
this is me looking like a regular clubchild in

buffalo platforms, hussein chalayan tee with sheer organza sleeves, patrik rzepski ss08 skirt (i love rzepski, the skirt has a hard wire-type thing in the hem so it curves out like a flower) and cdg backpack

would be super if i had a BLAND plastic cap to add to this outfit like the one mknyc, one of my fav ilikemystyle members, borrowed from terence koh

and here's what i'm wearing/taking with me to fuji rock tomorrow.
the totempole print bag is from one of bernahrd willhelm's earlier collections


July 22, 2009


>>first one is to get a good sturdy professional sewing machine and some sewing books starting with Pattern Magic Vol 1 & 2. i've wanted to do this for a while and i think now's the perfect time since i'll be graduating soon-- and i'll have about 9 months off to just hang out and do my own thing (besides, what do you know, i'll be pursuing a career in fashion after all! i try to keep "personal" info at a minimum on this blog but i think i will have to write about why and how i came to this conclusion...i'm sure it would be a long post and i need to figure out how to put it in a way that makes sense but the right words should find me eventually)
anyway the books are all about playing with geometry and a lot of the techniques described are ones we often see gracing the runway. i'll definitely need practice but experimenting with these ideas should yield some interesting results. there is even a flickr group where people are showing off their creations inspired by the books.

>>second one is to take more photos!i have never made a habit of carrying around a camera (although there was a time when i was really into disposables) and i'm beginning to fear that when i'm much older i wont have any photos to help me remember what my early 20s were like. i quite like the nikon d1x and i am thinking about getting one...but probably not for a while.

for the sewing machine i am considering brother's nouvelle....if you have any recommendations that would be great

July 19, 2009

have a nice flight make a night flight

discovered another super cool aussie designer by the name of tina kalivas. wouldn't this bra be great with a high waisted flare skirt and sandals??

i came across some stills of The Fall by Tarsem Singh as i was googling the japanese costume designer Eiko Ishioka. so beautiful

browsing yoox while listening to night flight by perfume is kinda dangerous, i get all excited for no reason and start impulsively buying stuff. this pretty cdg dress is way out of my price range unfortunately but it's a nice thing that you can save images and keep looking at them isn't it?where would i be without rightclick save image....

i have a soft spot for oversized structural stuff like fanny&jessy which i just discovered through stylebubble. the fringed dress looks like the perfect thing to wear when you want to go out and really dance like no one's watching

i contacted the store owner and i am going to be able to buy this crazy denim sweatshirt dress by RosenMunns! i like it cuz the pins are soo cheesy and american, yay for eyeballsss

P.S>>> i never liked Golden Goose much but something really fucked up is going on in their fall line. this is like an exact copy of junya watanabe's boot from years ago. jesus, the nerve of some "deluxe brands"......

July 9, 2009

just realized it's been 2 YEARS...some thoughts looking back

two years (and a couple weeks ago) i started this blog. at the time i was pretending to be a minimalist and dressing myself in tons of white and nude and beige and black. i thought it was really cool for someone my age to be looking so austere. but then trends happened, new designers came along, and before i knew it, wearing simple clothing in black and white had become the norm. so i started wearing colors again, lots of them, and weird shapes, and clashing patterns........
i like to think that i have a consistent style that i can call my own but even over these two years i've changed a lot. the fact of the matter is that i'm only 22. i was a late bloomer to begin with so i've only been truly into fashion, in the weird way that i am now, for about 5 years max. and what i've realized is that i have a long way to go before i can say with any conviction what is truly "me". i need more time to watch how trends evolve, experience the highs and lows of shopping, and just absorb fashion in all its glory.
of course, i'll never be very trendy, doing what everyone else is doing hasn't been an option ever since i was a kid. but i'm no longer interested in being one thing and trying to stick to some strict formula. i want to keep my mind open to all sorts of fashion and ways of dressing.

July 3, 2009

earth, receive the strangest guest

"nomads are communities of people who move from one place to another, rather than settling permanently in one location. There are an estimated 30-40 million nomads in the world. Many cultures have traditionally been nomadic, but traditional nomadic behavior is increasingly rare in industrialized countries. There are three kinds of nomads: hunter-gatherers moving between hunting grounds, pastoral nomads moving between pastures, and "peripatetic nomads" moving between customers."

yesterday i caught a show on tv about Jiro Shirasu. japanese men don't get much cooler than this

Love this carpet sweater by Bless No32 x John Smedley

chris marker's sans soleil (1983) is a pretty well known documentary, probably standard study material for any sort of introductory film/anthropology class. i thought it was kind of lame at first but by the end the film had left a really strong impression on me. the whole thing was like a visual diary...random images, strange human moments pieced together so beautifully like patchwork...
i drew lots of inspiration from it when we were editing our own film project for class

"if they don't see happiness in the picture, at least they'll see the black"