February 12, 2009

Dreaming of summer


SS08 bernhard willhelm dress, my new mm6 triangle bag

i love how this dress is loud and voluminous but the way the neck drapes at the back also gives it a pristine asian/kimono-esque look. i feel like a giant rainbow snowcone.

February 4, 2009

I miss this blog, heres a tiny update

I'm so excited about my silver dress, above, by Australian designer Konstantina Mittas (i advise you to check her out). Big poofy soccer-ball sleeves are definitely a good alternative to the ubiquitous bold square shoulder for small people like me.

And you won't believe what I picked up on auction this week.

EW! Buffalo platform sneakers! Love these. So techno and tacky and yucky...and begging to be worn with floaty white dresses.
In fact lately I've been obsessively visiting this shady website and contemplating the beauty of platform shoes.

Also also also, I am now a lucky owner of that MM6 triangle bag that is-mental blogged about. Mine is black rather than white which is slightly unfortunate, but at least it looks great against my issey miyake tote.

It's been so long since I reallly felt fashion...I was putting myself on a clothing-ban just because I hate winter to the point where I don't want to acknowledge its existence by buying warm clothes...but now that all these spring items are popping up...I dont know...I guess I still love this afterall