March 28, 2010

bang bang you hit the ground

ah there's so much stuff i wanna blog about right now, i dont know where to begin... for starters i came across the cutest book at the hair salon yesterday, Ruben Toledo's Style Dictionary. i was so obsessed with it i didn't let go of it the entire halfhour we were letting the hair dye soak in! i think ive seen toledo's work here and there, not all of it is my cup of tea but i just looooooooove his illustrations in this book, i love the faces and the wide variety of body shapes, the random/funny style labels, and how every look is so realistic, so well thought out and so complete, head to toe. (one of the stylists at the salon even mentioned that she drew inspiration from a lot of the hairstyles pictured in this book)

unfortunately i cant find any good images from the book to show you... if i manage to buy one anytime soon ill definitely upload photos.

i went to the hair salon that produces one of my favorite hair design magazines called +ING, but more on that later...
i got my bangs cut super short and i got red hair. sides are still shaved but i think ill start growing it out soon

yay for raver ball chain necklaces with tight tees!

Did you know John Lurie paints now? ive already written about lurie a few times in this blog, I love him in the Jarmusch movies, he's so poker-faced and chilled out and weird and sexy. I wasn't too familiar with his music (I did like that scene in permanent vacation where he plays the sax on the street) but I looked up some of his music too and I'm hooked
"Follow the signs"

"When I die, I want to go like my grandfather, asleep and at peace. Not like the people screaming in the other car"

"Your life is meaningless, why don't you masturbate?"

john lurie music:

such a great photo...

my mamas friend was kind enough to bring back some zinc sticks from australia, we have about 7 colors now, i'm going to have neon green/orange/yellow cheeks this summer, 90s aussie beachgirl style!!!

March 20, 2010

who i think about when i think about style

My first encounter with Chloe Sevigny was years and years ago when I saw KIDS. Back then I wore gold rimmed glasses and the epitome of fashion in my mind was rainbow halternecks by Gap... but even so I instinctively knew there was something special about her. I had no idea she had fashion icon status by then, all I knew was that I liked her face and her pixie cut, and her crazy way of making a ringer tee and jeans look stylish.

I'm pretty skeptical about most celebs who are deemed "style icons", not because I don't think they dress ok in a generic way once in a while (although some of them consistently dress like shit) but because it's usually pretty painfully clear that they didn't select their outfits themselves. What happens as a result is that one day you see them looking alright and then the next day you see the "real" them walking their dog in ill fitting pants and ugly shoes and it's sad.

With Chloe Sevigny though, the person you're seeing is always "Chloe Sevigny", whether it's her on-day or off-day, whether she's in a polo and jeans with a buzzcut or a tight dress with big earrings and lots of lipstick. You know she put some thought into her outfit, you know she enjoyed doing it, you know it's all genuine because on her the clothes look like they've been worn and cherished. Obviously having a pretty face and killer legs helps, but among the tons of beautiful people in the world Chloe stands out to me as one of those women with the rare ability to appear comfortable while continuously being experimental and innovative with her style.

best.halloween. costume. ever.

It's truly incredible how 10,20 yr old photos of chloe can look so modern today..

images from openingceremony and

PS>>>> Totally forgot to mention that I did a questionnaire? interview? for ilikemystyle way back in jan. thanks ilikemystyle! here's the link (it's basically the same sort of stuff i ramble on about in the blog)