August 30, 2009

graduating from college is making me all emo

i finally got a walter van beirendonck for eastpak backpack. and it makes me happy


......... is it just me or do yall who have a similar blog also find it kind of slightly embarassing on some level to be talking about clothes/appearances/what you got/what you want 24/7? granted this one is not all about fashion but then again anything beautiful i see is ultimately related to fashion in my head...and it's not something i can help. that's just the way i am i guess.
still once in a while i break out into a cold sweat thinking about how shallow and idiotic i must come across. i am 22 for christ's sake. and im not gonna lie, i am really really bothered by the fact that when you google my full name, this blog is one of the first things that comes up.

see, i am constantly torn between being a "sensible" person with a "stable" income, ie working in finance or trading or something...and completely indulging in my "creative" side and doing what i can feel passionate about. my gut knows what's right for me but i feel a lot of hesitation coming out and saying it, especially to my friends....most of who are/will be working for big companies after graduation, doing great things for the world etc. trust me, i dont think fashion in its true form is shallow, and i would defend it in every way possible if i had to. but in comparison to them i feel ...small.
am i starting to sound like that loser on hipster runoff?? i just wanted to write this here so that strangers (and potentially ppl i know ugh) can skim through and laugh at me and i can try to take myself less seriously

graduating from college is weird isnt it? suddenly the future is so real. youre faced with all these options and it can be exciting but in a very very stressful way.

one thing i know for sure is that if i want google to match my name with shit i can actually be proud of anytime soon, i need to get to work...

August 25, 2009

last daze

these past few weeks i've been into cute candy colors (can u tell from my sidebar?) like light pastel pink, peppermint green and lavender

lookbook image from prada fall 07; past season anntian print; keita takano painting

anntian's clothes are handpainted/handprinted and super comfy!
oh man im gonna miss dressing easy and light like this

adding more pastels

August 19, 2009

i can feel summer en d i n g . . .

vladimir karaleev's ss10 is looking good! a lot of it is blue (my favorite color, nothing new) and the reason, according to this interview, is because he is color blind but blue is one of the few colors he can see. i've been interested in mr karaleev's work ever since i saw some of his pieces early this year, i remember he used cool material combinations like vinyl straps on cotton dresses with raw edges...they were so beautifully made

images via wut berlin

cute song ive been listening to it nonstop

working on taking outfit photos! in the meantime here's me in that postweiler hauber dress i bought at the beginning of summer with backpack and hoop earrings (i clearly need a proper camera). this was a good buy, it's so comfy and looks like a parachute

in other news i cant wait to grow out the back of my hair while leaving the front half short so i can have my very own blunt version of a mullet <3

August 17, 2009


i am obsessed
such a fun/scary idea...

"What circus is this? What strange ghosts are they that loom out of the darkest black, the last place in our dreams?
They are us and they are Them. They are the work of Danny Treacy. They are the figments of his imagination and desire. They are made from recovered clothes, collected from those lonely places - the woods, the wasteland, the car-parks. They are re-stitched and re-fashioned: re-modelled into junk monsters. They are nightmares of the catwalk, prowling around the outskirts of style's dumb extravagance. "

August 12, 2009

playing with polyvore!!

&getting ready to hibernate

in the fall my style gets all blah, everyday i wear a combination of some kind of fur or duffelcoat with a crappy tshirt, some jeans and nike dunks. it might sound kinda cool and "effortless" typed out but it it isn't cuz i'm not a blonde model, it's really just boring. this fall i want to spice things up a bit, the basic idea will be the same since it's impreative im comfortable and warm...but i want to add more streetwear brands and interesting accessories (caps, headpieces, headphones etc) and look like a rich and tacky gay city boy:

balenciaga jacket, reebok hitops, supreme 'disruptive camp' cap, balenciaga jeans, margiela hoops, rick owens fur toad, balenciaga tote

miu miu jacket, margiela airplane ring, reebok hitops, bless sky print sweater, balenciaga jeans, y-3 cap, margiela hoops, balenciaga tote
burberry prorsum coat, nike dunks, eskuche white/silver headphones, balenciaga jeans, margiela gift bow ring, bless sunglasses, bless sweater, sswr birkin
etro jacket, margiela airplane ring, nike dunks, eskuche gold/black headphones, balenciaga jeans, bless sunglasses, bless sky print sweater, jeremy scott tote
ines marechal vest, nike dunks, tourdeforce headpiece, balenciaga jeans, jeremy scottXschott jacket, margiela tote
ines marechal vest, nike dunks, y-3 cap, balenciaga jeans, ksubi tee, rolex submariner, margiela tote
balenciaga jacket, nike dunks, tourdeforce headpiece, rettore ring, balenciaga jeans, balenciaga necklace, anntian tee, balenciaga tote

this song is soooo fresh

August 6, 2009

keep calm and carry on

i had been really obsessed with the idea of text on clothing other than a t-shirt ever since i saw bregje cox's work on the lichting's a simple idea but a bit of handwritten text creates an interesting contrast when printed on dressier clothes. it tones everything down and makes it more casual in an endearing way

so i was super excited when i saw these images on luxirare and garbage dress this week.
i love stamps and often used similar ones for paper when writing short notes to my friends in high school... so i find the idea of stamping leather really nostalgic and appealing. luxirare is such a great designer.
and omg u dont even know how much i want that setup on the dude garbagedress snapped

August 3, 2009

hang up the chick habit hang it up daddy or you'll never get another fix

another image post! i have soo many beautiful pictures in my files that i want to share, this is still only a teenytiny portion, i will upload more again !

[winston chmielinski]

[michel de broin]

[fantasista utamaro]

[yayoi kusama]

[michel de broin]

[dan flavin]

[dan flavin]

you should WATCH THE VIDEO!! Rivers of the Red Planet is the first short film in Ranpo Noir starring Asano Tadanobu. it's weird and very uh... nihilistic? but the images are so powerful and beautiful they just sort of burn into you (ps the beginning is silent, the sound comes a few minutes into the film)