August 3, 2009

hang up the chick habit hang it up daddy or you'll never get another fix

another image post! i have soo many beautiful pictures in my files that i want to share, this is still only a teenytiny portion, i will upload more again !

[winston chmielinski]

[michel de broin]

[fantasista utamaro]

[yayoi kusama]

[michel de broin]

[dan flavin]

[dan flavin]

you should WATCH THE VIDEO!! Rivers of the Red Planet is the first short film in Ranpo Noir starring Asano Tadanobu. it's weird and very uh... nihilistic? but the images are so powerful and beautiful they just sort of burn into you (ps the beginning is silent, the sound comes a few minutes into the film)

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Sara said...

so weird I watched ranpo noir just a couple of days ago and thought exactly the same.
great image entry!