August 6, 2009

keep calm and carry on

i had been really obsessed with the idea of text on clothing other than a t-shirt ever since i saw bregje cox's work on the lichting's a simple idea but a bit of handwritten text creates an interesting contrast when printed on dressier clothes. it tones everything down and makes it more casual in an endearing way

so i was super excited when i saw these images on luxirare and garbage dress this week.
i love stamps and often used similar ones for paper when writing short notes to my friends in high school... so i find the idea of stamping leather really nostalgic and appealing. luxirare is such a great designer.
and omg u dont even know how much i want that setup on the dude garbagedress snapped

1 comment:

Ashley said...

This is a great idea..Luxirare's stamped leather is phenom.