September 13, 2013


i started pinterest a few days ago to organize my photo files, i loooove that i can just post random photos without thinking about putting them in an aesthetically pleasing order. unfortunately they're all from my hardrive so far so i don't have a lot of sources. my clothes/accessories and shoe boards have a lot of really weird and ugly and fun auction/rakuten finds if you're interested>>>>>>>

August 29, 2012

like old times

what i've been looking at, thinking about, liking lately.....

susan cianciolo !
clothes that are spontaneous and happy and full of love

spoken words project
ive known of this label for a while but wore them for the first time this summer and fell in love
the smudgy flower print dress got me through some rough days

aiko's styling on her new album cover is super cute

mikako ichikawa
i would've called her "unconventionally pretty" except in person she was simply drop dead beautiful (not to mention very sweet)

go go kenji kawasumi !

not a fan of the label but mother's lookbook has some nice images

2000s utada hikaru. 

it's been 10 years since traveling came out and the music video is as mesmerizing today as it was in junior high......
what is good will always be good, isn't this a relief?

August 27, 2012


oh man.. where to begin?

it's been over a year since i started working as a stylist and assistant to a costume designer i respect more than ever. i've had a handful of exciting, exhausting and downright crazy experiences, have met and worked with incredible people, and everyday i learn a little more about clothing and what makes it so wonderful to work with.

my job is not easy and it requires more energy than i'd ever imagined, more passion than i ever knew i had
but i want to continue to dress people for as long as i love fashion in the crazy way that i do now,
i hope this never changes.

here is my very short summer playlist
everyday i run around tokyo with the sun beating down on my back
dreaming of swimming pools and snowcones and santa fe with these 4 songs on repeat

ps i miss blogging pps how are you all?