October 4, 2008

Can I ask you guys a favor?

Hi, it's been a while! I noticed that there are a few readers who still check this blog occasionally so I'm posting this over here in addition to my new blog...
To help me for an upcoming project for one of my classes, I want to ask you a question:

What do you think is the difference between design and art?

I know lots of books and articles have been written on this topic but I want to ask real people how they feel about this. Can design be art and vice versa? And how would you define the terms?
(Something to think about: Milton Glaser reckoned that "whereas a design must convey a given body of information, the "essential function" of art is to "intensify one's perception of reality." Sometimes, he said, these functions coincide, as in a medieval stained glass window, but in modern times they have diverged.")

Your answer can be a word or a paragraph or a link--anything will help.
I look forward to reading your answers over the next couple of months (i am hoping hoping hoping i get a few!)