January 31, 2010

what i would be wearing if

it wasn't so cold
philip treacy velvet hat, hussein chalayan tee, cdg skirt

this kaleidoscope skirt is pretty crazy, it's made up of two big digital printed scalloped pieces on the front and back, held together with asymmetrical accordion pleated red fabric. i always wear it with my red patent margiela tabis

i was rummaging through my old photo box and found this.. my hair looks orange here but it was actually pink, i think it was when i was 16? i used to do all sorts of fun things with my hair when i was younger...i miss that!

January 19, 2010

god i love this song

The title means "bagatelle in the water" so i always assumed a bagatelle was some kind of fish. I always picture little fish and the blueness of the water when I listen to this piece.
(A bagatelle actually means "a short piece of music, typically for the piano, and usually of a light, mellow and innocent character." via wiki)

listening to it reminded me of this David Hockney etching, The Boy Hidden in a Fish

It's from Hockney's grimm's fairytale book which I'd been meaning to post about for a while..it's so stylish

you can see the rest of the etchings here

I really really like david hockney's work in general, I own one of his poster books and used to have a big photocopy of this one up in my room

hockney pictures

Today I saw The Diary of Tortov Roddle, a beautiful animated film by Kunio Kato (stills via here) My sister recently saw The House of Toy Building Blocks by the same guy and said it was great... his debut film The Apple Incident sounds pretty interesting too

January 15, 2010

and then he said let there be light and there was light etc

wow i just noticed mitsubai tokyo is selling clothes from writtenafterwards' collection #5. the collection was titled "fashion show of the gods" and the idea behind it was, "what if, the first fashion show in history was held a long time ago by the gods in front of lots of animals?"


i found some photos of the costume designer Naito Kozue's book. She's the same person as Hibino Kozue (Naito was her maiden name), who i've written about before here. i've been looking for this book but it's out of print and impossible to find.. all these photos were taken from the awesome blog a japanese book

what a strange and happy world