January 15, 2010

and then he said let there be light and there was light etc

wow i just noticed mitsubai tokyo is selling clothes from writtenafterwards' collection #5. the collection was titled "fashion show of the gods" and the idea behind it was, "what if, the first fashion show in history was held a long time ago by the gods in front of lots of animals?"


i found some photos of the costume designer Naito Kozue's book. She's the same person as Hibino Kozue (Naito was her maiden name), who i've written about before here. i've been looking for this book but it's out of print and impossible to find.. all these photos were taken from the awesome blog a japanese book

what a strange and happy world


Varpu said...

Your blog seems really interesting, you have a good taste in many things!!

(As a reply to your previous book quote post, I love Murakami and I just borrowed Vonnegut's Bluebeard from the library! Can't wait to have the time to read it!)

Sound and Fashion

Amanda said...

funny, i tried to be cotton candy for halloween last year, kinda failed, but i maybe i'll try a cloud this year like the third image from writtenafterwards!

oh, btw, i am coming to tokyo in March and would love to hang if you're up for it! will write you later...