June 8, 2009

born in tokyo, raised on hiphop

not sure what the standard dresscode is for summer music festivals but i want to go looking like a young grunge-y chloe.....i really need to find myself some lame-funny vintage tshirts to roll around on the grass in. a pharcyde or people under the stairs tee would be nice...

could mariacarla BE any hotter?

i love knitwear and i found this weird collection while browsing online...not exactly rodarte but still pretty great. so 90s

i realized something crazy...ive never posted about ROMANCE WAS BORN on this blog before! i really really love them and i hope to own some of their pieces soon

& a thought: ladygaga needs to go away. it's one thing to dress like an idiot and make bad music, another to go and rip off a beautiful design and try to pass it off as your own
what happened to good, fun danceable music like Trick Me, Toxic, Say it Right????


cindy said...

i am so in love with your blog.

Amanda said...

wow how amazing would it be to have some of those insane hair wraps.

Hanh said...

awesome blog!!!



Luce said...

fucking love Toxic. that is a great (crap) song.