April 26, 2009

team nike (and please know this japanese label part 2?)

nike heels by POTTO. i am so sad i missed out on theese, wouldve lived in them if i had them...
although technically it should not be impossible to make these on your own if you had an old pair of nikes, some textured pumps and a good studding kit.

also as i was googling VLADIMIR KARALEEV (more about my love for berlin based desginers later) i was inspired to look for some plastics videos and this one is just really really awesome.

the plastics are a japanese "new wave" band from the late 70s, their music is strange and kind of wonderful. check out the lead guitarist's rainbow head

just to add a few more things i like

hammock bag by fabrics interseason. unfortunately this is way too big and long for me to carry but it would spice up any boring outfit for sure

and some vintage christina aguilera. i was such a huge fan in the dirrty days... extensions + pink frilly undies + black lipstick = way hotter than goth
(although i think blue will be the lipstick color of my choice this summer)


Anonymous said...

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you go with me?

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