April 27, 2009

i said no that bitch aint a part of me

double posting today. i was browsing online shops just to pass time cuz i wasnt sleepy and ended up buying a postweiler hauber dress. i always had a thing for straps (always loved junya watanabe's parachute season) so im excited about this
but wow what an impulse buy.

it's a bit patrik soderstam, yes?

which reminds me, i always reckoned josh beech had the right look for soderstam what with his haircut and exquisite face and all... and then i found out they actually did make him wear soderstam, on the cover of numero. nice!

oh and did you see the rodarte website? insaaaane


boxgirl said...

do you make your own stuff?

yui said...

no. i wish i could though.