April 3, 2009

some things

I got this dress-BW SS09. I luuuurv it. The volume (voluminosity?) is intense and it’s made of a smooth thick knit. Feels very luxe despite its fun appearance. i might go back for the socks too

Say goodbye to goat! Or rather I will say goodbye. The sick thing with me is no matter how much I like something to begin with, it quickly transforms into the equivalent of Abercrombie&fitchshudder in my eyes if I see it too much. Hello teddy bear fur, fur of the future!

Instead of long goat, i like the idea of a hair fringe on clothing. I missed out on these Andrea Crews tops when they came to Tokyo for a little bit but I really like them, esp cuz they’ve been dip dyed. who hasnt wanted blue hair at one point in their life?

Which brings me to this. does anyone know where i can find this outfit?
Bernhard willhelm SS04or05? Ive been searching for so long. I don’t care if it’s the t-shirt version or the dress version. I just need some fringed superman in my life.

Im into all things floaty at the moment. im surprised that this street snap is appealing to me so much. I like to look at Japanese streetsnaps but to be honest I don’t really see them as inspiration-more like entertainment…

In keeping with this obsession i got this scrunchie last yearish (by Theatre Products, japlabel worth checking out) but then about a month ago I took the photo of tao(see last post) to my hairdresser and got all my hair hacked off. No more scrunchie fun, and I didn’t even get to use it…boo
this girl is not me, btwz


Anonymous said...

I'm still waiting for the perfect jacket or coat in teddy bear fur! I'm a bit late now, though, since it's obviously becoming spring right now!

Vera said...

Wow that dress is a KILLER!!

Anonymous said...

That dress is amazing!
can you stretch your scrunchy far enough that it fits over your head and loosely sits on you neck?

i think it would look fab!
i love the salmon pink thats around this year..

J said...

You should go back for the socks.

boxgirl said...

it looks like a sea creature is eating your ponytail!