November 19, 2010

rainbow unicorn attack

Since September I've been listening non-stop to Soutaiseiriron's Synchroniciteen album. It's cute and sweet in the best way with just the tiniest bit of irony (but not too much cuz that would be annoying). Try listening! I think you'll like them

Miss Parallel World
Love is a Hundered Years War
Moonlight Galaxy

This kind of music makes you want to paint your room pink and eat candy and wear matching pajamas no????
In my mind Yoshikawa Hinano is the archetype of this sort of off-beat "cute girl"....

I found some old magazine scans from when she was 13 (which means these photos are from the mid 90s) and she looks adorable



I read somewhere that as a kid she loved the color pink and strawberries and teddybears, and wanted to wear frilly dresses all the time. So it saddened her whenever stylists dressed her in boyish clothes, or told her she looked better in simple outfits like a shirt and pants.
But today she's 30 (she doesn't look a day older than 19) and she looks like this
so I doubt she's complaining....

I think she's done 6 or 7 photobooks so far, here are some pages from 3 books photographed by Kishin Shinoyama, two from her teens and one from her early 20s. (via A Japanese book)

Hinano ga Pyon Pyon (1996)

Accidents Series 8 (1999)

Hinano ga Chu (2001)

And this is the Isetan poster that made her famous


End of hinano fan post.


Ally said...

She is adorable! Thanks for posting this, I'd never heard of her! And that music is really fun too

fabienne said...

This is great. Really;
i'll keep it somewhere in my comp'

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Unknown said...
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Girl In Crisis said...

Oh wow! I am a total Japanese Magazine freak so I always see her!

But I have never seen her so young!!!
your post was quite amazing :P
Thanks for sharing!