February 28, 2010

rassera rassera

I finally found out the origin of a film still I'd saved a while back! Metropolis is probably pretty famous, I must live under a rock or something to not have known it, but it's a German sci-fi silent film. From 1927. Omg? Cyberpunk existed in the 20s??? I have to see thisssss

This poster is cool, very Ludwig Mies van der Rohe

Mies van der Rohe's Glass Tower, 1921

I've realized there are so many sci-fi movies that I don't know about... and browsing the web for movie stills, I've come across tons of cool cyberpunk blogs and websites. I love the internet.

>>> On a kind of related theme I'm still loooving Bjork's hair buns. I'm totally doing this in the summer


Amy T said...

That film looks interesting, i may have to watch this as well


OnePerfectMorning said...

best movie ever! big inspiration for my last jewellery collection..

Blue Floppy Hat said...

My sci-fi geek friends keep setting quizzes about this film- I've never seen it either, but the posters and stills are unmistakable.

Also, hairbuns are awesome. I've been trying the Minnie Mouse version (two buns), and they're excellent for keeping hair off my face when it's hot.

Chalk White Child said...

Those film stills look amazing. I think I might have to investigate it now!

Also- I tagged you in an award. Come check it out!



Sarah: said...

If you loved that film, check out 'The Heart of the World,' a short by Guy Maddin. It has the same bizarre future-from-the-20's sort of feel.

Nana said...

Now I have to see that movie too!
I just got to your blog, and it's so interesting I went through almost all your archive. You have such an amazing sense of aesthetics!

Michele said...

This looks totally amazing and a bit creepy as well:D Must see! Thanks:)

Online Pharmacy said...

Metropolis, this is a real classic, in fact this movie in the one from where Queen get the scenes from their song "Radio Gaga".