February 5, 2010

perfect one liners

I was looking through my bookshelf today and came across my (mom's) old Aesop's Fables book illustrated by Alexander Calder. I never liked fables but calder's drawings are awesome

Calder worked with all kinds of media but I particularly like his wire sculptures cuz they're basically 3d versions of his drawings. if I had one of these sitting on my desk it would make me so happy!

and his circus series cirque calder is so adorable, i was grinning like an idiot watching these clips of calder performing his circus show. wouldnt a miniature wire circus like this be great for a music video?

he even made jewelry!

***this is a totally random question i've been enjoying thinking about lately: what novel or short story would you choose to adapt to film if you had the opportunity? i decided i would probably choose "Why Don't You Dance?" by raymond carver because the image of a lonely dude sitting in his living room set out on the front lawn cant be anything but fantastic. what would you choose??


Blue Floppy Hat said...

Not much of a short story reader here, but I've loved Sredni Vashtar by Saki ever since I was a child. I'd love to see what a filmmaker with a rather dark bent of mind would do with it.

Blue Floppy Hat said...

I googled and it turns out it's already been made into a movie. So much for my bright idea..

katekiev said...

Calder is like a very sophisticated Roald Dahl; Angelika Houston is the perfect witchy foil for his designs.

As far as dream-film-adaptations go, Nabokov's 'King, Queen Knave' or Susan Sontag's 'Death Kit' both involve meditative train journeys, doppelgangers, hallucinations, and alienation--all of which have been translated to cinema in horror-centric imagery before (but never all at once very well). I would want to construct a circular narrative that undermines the traditional Hitchcockian mystery continuum and to turn the novels into a sensualist journey (I tend to prize motion, disconnection, and unreliable narrators in both literature and film, and the imagery of a film overtaking actors and plot might be able to simulate a more primal feeling of motion beyond the moving pictures of cinema).

yui said...

bluefloppyhat- sredni vashtar is such a dark and weird story!id like to see that movie

katekiev- how is calder like roald dahl? roald dahl is a writer, quentin blake did his illustrations... besides roald dahl is sophisticated!

Suzanne said...

isn't that woman (the one wearing his amazing jewellry) the one from the movie: the witches??

Chalk White Child said...

I have never heard of Alexander Calder before but I'm so glad to know him now! I will definitely investigate more of this work!

Also, if you like his jewelry you might also like Mercura NYC's body art. They also have a cool story!


KAMI said...

i Love Calder. he had such a playful spirit...great post =)

Gabetdor said...

I really like the topics you choose.
I add you on youtube =)

Anonymous said...


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