October 8, 2009

good stuff

sukiyaki western django wasnt that great as a movie but the costumes were even better than id anticipated. one of the early scenes where these guys came out literally gave me goosebumps

i couldnt find any highres images but this short clip should give you a good idea of how michiko kitamura mixed traditional japanese aesthetics with cowboy and yakuza gear... please have a look, the costumes really are breathtaking

im guessing this guy is a michiko kitamura fan as well

some katsuya kamo for junya hair art images i had saved on my desktop

i just finished watching TOKYO! this wasnt too good either in my opinion but what i did like was the closing theme by HASYMO, a group which includes the original members of the popular japanese 80s band YMO like ryuichi sakamoto
i think it perfectly captures the lonely but comfortable feeling you get walking around in a busy city

i usually check out the shows pretty thoroughly but i dont think ive commented on them for a while.
i wanted to this time because... holy shit alexander mcqueen. mcqueens shows are always beautiful but they are usually too dark and heavy for my taste.
but this time. wow. even though it's grotesque and makes you feel a bit uneasy in that characteristically mcqueen way, it's also very very bright and vivid. and a lot of it evokes real feelings of change.. you can see that the collection begins on the ground with earthy colors, then moves underwater and travels deeper and deeper. it's serene, mysterious, a bit scary.. but exciting

wish id been there

(i got super excited cuz a few months ago i dreamt about wearing a jellyfish backpack dress that kind of looked like one of the last dresses in the show)

truly good stuff. cheers!!!

PS. my other spring favorites were christopher kane and rodarte. cdg and vivienne westwood were packed with stuff i could picture myself wearing. driesvannoten was beautiful as usual. bernhard willhelm toned it down a bit but looks ok. prada was soso and lets face it balenciaga was a big fat bore.


OnePerfectMorning said...

wow those costumes are freaking amazing! so is the first haedpiece!
agree with you on balenciaga... pretty terrible.. it went to my favourite label to the label i envy least..

TMFA said...

Lovely images, but hey although I like A McQ collections, he looks quite not fashionable himself! But maybe that is all part of the image ??? :S

Anonymous said...