May 21, 2009

dopest ghost in town

do you remember Casper in KIDS? my friend and i had a weird obsession with him in junior high

im sort of loving the rising sun on the japanese flag at the moment. it might have been inspired by the stupid gangsters in Madness in Bloom? trying to look for pieces from commedesgarcons ss07 to satisfy this need for red circles.

i kept forgetting to mention, i got those bernhard willhelm+camper sandals
when i saw them in person i had to go with the pink, they are so soft and bubblegum-y and sweet (ill try to update photo of all this stuff soon) theyre like the ugly fat cousin of THE balenciagas i love...although obviously i love anything balenciaga

speaking of which bernhard willhelm's AW09 boots are SO GOOD. short boots that are a sort of docmartens/timberland hybrid with leather straps instead of shoelaces. these will definitely be on my feet come winter

LOVE kimonos. i wanna wear one to my graduation. kimonos are all about mixing patterns and color, bold and subtle, traditional and modern.... shiina ringo always looks incredible in them

and im getting a thrasher hoodie for sure

i like geodesic domes. something about how theyre round yet made up of triangles
tomi & cherry

still feeeelin this old marjan pejoski ad. i wish MP had more stockists here...

i cant get over how incredible Ranpo Jigoku (Ranpo's Noir) was! i found out about the costume designer Michiko Kitamura through this film. words cannot describe the way her costumes complimented the erotic grotesque-ness of the film.
in one story she used a lot of loose drapey white/beige-ish cotton and linen pieces that were very suzuki takayuki/paul harnden and those images have really stuck in my mind... her costumes are very modern and yet there is always something distinctly japanese about them and i guess that is what makes her so special

and while we're on the subject, here's another costume designer I've been obsessed with for a while: Hibino Kozue. i found out about her when last yr when i happened to catch a tv show for kids with OUTSTANDING costumes. i was shocked really. it was what, 4pm? and i see something like this on the screen. isn't it great to be able to find extreme visual stimulation outside the realm of silly music videos and arthouse movies? the program is called "nihongo de asobo" and it won the Good Design Award for 2004.

saw the documentary Paris is Buring (1990) in class and loved it. i'm a sucker for 80s soul, i get very nostalgic listening to that stuff even though i wansnt even born yet

the Ichikawa sisters have such mesmerizing facial features.

younger sis older sis


Anonymous said...

I am convinced that besides the time we are living right now, the most interesting time is always the time we werent yet born! At least Im thinking so.

So Wang today is muri?

I dont know for Sat, but this will be @lafabrique next Fri: (seems like one of those fabulous dropsnap parties! lets go!).

oh and i meant to send you this too: --> APC-Party.

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