September 6, 2008

Kohbunny can i borrow your fur

Terence Koh is a funny furry man and he makes me excited about fall.

Gareth Pugh fur
Alaia fur

Fendi fur!


Anonymous said...

oh man, i love terence koh. i saw him at a party at moma once. he was wearing this amazing shiny black blazer with pointy shoulders.

art kids said...

i like his style, i like his work.

Mariana said...

terrence koh is amazing. especially in those gold balenciaga pants. he wears fur like no other.

Kristina Gisors said...

Love Terrence Koh too !

Unknown said...

ugh, he's my dreamboat. do you have these pictures in larger sizes i could have?



yui said...

the same ones should come up if you google his name but i remember none of them were very highres