July 26, 2008

Hey little tomboy

I'm still enjoying fucking up nice outfits with hi-tech accessories. Currently I'm looking for this gundam robot-style backpack that I saw in the latest issue of Nylon Japan...I just love the silhouette of a big backpack paired with a floorlength skirt. Adding a few sporty details (like hi-tops and men's G-shock watches) really helps to tone down what is otherwise too prettypretty and it makes it a lot easier for me to jump around, crouch on the ground, hike up my skirt and sprint up the stairs etc without feeling awkward.
The outfits pictured here aren't exceptional or anything but again the hi-tech accessories make them look so cool. I definitely wouldn't mind pairing a flower print dress with a colorful helmet or rollerblades.

images via garance dore and the sartorialist

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