November 5, 2007

my latest obsession

Black lipstick. As I've mentioned before, I'm quite experimental when it comes to makeup and I particularly enjoy playing around with lip color. I've tried all kinds of reds, hot pinks and wine purples in the past, and this season I've been wearing dark chocolate now I'm ready to move onto something more extreme. Black lipstick is such a cool way to add a bit of drama and a touch of badass to a simple outfit dontcha think? Wearing it probably isn't half as difficult as it seems-- I'll take inspiration from Zucca's ss07 catwalk and work it with sheer materials and loose silhouettes in black and white. I loved loved loved this particular collection by Zucca by the way--you should totally check it out. Aren't those ankleboot/buckle-down sandals something?

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