November 12, 2007

i like big bookshelves and i cannot lie

The other day I got a voluminous skirt with interesting origami-type folds by Marjan Pejoski, which reminded me of this pejoski ad campaign. Back in the day (2005ish?) I would play electrojazz and give my room random makeovers, taking inspiration from this picture. I'm not exactly sure why I liked it so much but I'm guessing it had something to do with the whole pseudo-intellectual/ethnic/jesus-lovin vibe. Call me weird but this is how I developed a love for big messy bookshelves and wooden-framed postcards.
Eyecandy for freeeks like mee, found on bored&beautiful.


AVA said...

I really just have the same thing. I love reading, I love books, maybe that's why I love these huge bookshelves? Once, when I own my own place I just want one wall, totally covered by books.. what a dream.

p.s. just discovered your blog and I find it rather enjoying!

Style Salvage Steve said...

I thought that I might be the only one who had this love of gigasntic bookshelves. I'm fortunate enough to have ample book storage but not enough to take my breath away as shown in your pics!