November 16, 2007


Yay or nay?I found these on a tacky little web shop selling imported hosiery from the US and I think they're kind of awesome but perhaps I've lost my mind?


WendyB said...


chall gray said...

No, you're right, they are awesome.

Jolene Cheryl Simko said...

i like to think people will eventually figure out that
its all about what YOU like
and how YOU want to display yourself.

the whole (if instinctual) purpose of putting oneself on display is to put your personality on the outside.
those who you have things in common with will be drawn towards you, and conversely the ones you don't want around you (because who wants to have someone around that doesnt like your stuff?) will be repelled.

the only thing that makes high fashion high, is the rich cunts of the world want to pick and choose who their friends will be that season. and there are lots of them. and they are all doing the same thing, trying to up eachother in "fashion" (aka status popularity contest)

i love the stockings by the way.