July 21, 2007

the juniper tree and maxi skirts

The Juniper Tree (1990) directed by Nietzchka Keene stars a young and endearingly kooky Bjork. Loosely based on a Grimms fairytale and shot in grainy black and white, the film depicts a dysfunctional family of two witch sisters, and a father and his son, living on the barren planes of Iceland. I randomly tuned into it on cable one midnight, just as I was thinking of going to bed, and ended up watching the whole thing straight through. The slow and atmospheric images of vast planes are mesmerizing, as are the excellent performances by the unknown actors.
The costumes are particularly fantastic, and against a dusty nordic backdrop, those long, heavy-looking textured skirts and thick shawls just scream avant-garde heidi. Ever since that midnight in March I've been giving my maxi skirts a lot more attention, and I even got a few more at the recent summer sales. My mini-obsession is a little impractical for school maybe but wearing long skirts actually isn't half as inconvenient as it might seem, and dressing them down with flat sandals makes them easier to manage. But hey, what is fashion without a bit of discomfort...

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