June 20, 2010

my life right now

i don't think there has ever been a time when i had more to say about fashion but the work load at school is terrifying. i guess a bit of sleep deprivation never killed anyone but maaan i wish i had more time for myself.

i got into the design team for the bunka festival fashion show in the fall so for a few months i'm going to be drawing designs non stop. i am no artist and ive never had the chance to draw seriously so this is gonna be tough.. my faces tend to look chubby and swollen?

i'll upload my final drawings for the show once theyre done (if they ever get done...)

this is what my desk looks like right now
(i swear i didnt deliberately mess it up, i work on like 7 different drawings at a time so it always looks like this).
my sweing machine

this corner of my room used to look like this

now it looks like this

fabric all over the place, ironing table sitting right next to the bed......such a mess

random drawings sitting on my desk at the moment

these are the sort of colors I've been into... white, soft creams, beige-y yellows

i am making a shirt in cream and i think i will make my next pair of pants in soft yellow cotton with this tree printed all over.


i love my tall karen walker straw hat.
wearing with handmade blouse and bless pants

ive been interested in work wear lately. ive been looking at photos of the incredible ceramics artist Lucie Rie, she wore these comfy looking white blouses and pants while she worked, she looked so lovely.

lucierie what a beautiful photo.

our library has a nice collection of books.. from the few that i have now, ive been particularly loving this photo of argentinian cotton field workers

and this photo of the french japanese painter fujita in his studiohe was so stylish...wish i could work in an undershirt and tabi socks while rocking a bowl cut with hoop earrings.

reality is that my hair looks like a birds nest and i am wearing a sad old esprit tshirt with elephant print boxers.


KD said...

1. Good luck with the schoolwork! You seem to be making a lot of progress - your drawings are awesome and I love your fashion sketches.
2. Those colors. Cream, yellow, white. So lovely. Those are going to be some beautiful pants.
3. You always have the best photos in your posts.

Amy T said...

I hope your project is going well! I like the colour palette you've chosen to use and the shirt in your drawings. my room always ends up messy when i have huge projects to do. theres no time to clean up when your brains working in overdrive!

and the japanese painter is just too cool

Ally said...

Bunka sounds so exciting but intense, i can understand the feeling of loving every second but still wanting time for yourself...if only there were more hours. Good luck with the project and can't wait to see the final product! Workwear - wow, such a great source of inspiration, those photos are truly beautiful. Your outfit is a lovely modern interpretation. You never fail to inspire me, so thanks for posting despite all your heavy workload!

erl said...

Yay a new post.
Pretty palette (but how about some orange/blue?), the pants look promising...well at least your "busy-ness" is purpose filled :)

Blue Floppy Hat said...

Good luck with your work for the fashion festival- Bunka sounds like a massive amount of work but I'm sure you'll be more than up to it :)

Love your sketches, too- the red hair and yellow pants make such a pretty contrast. Are you planning to have a model with dyed/natural red hair wear the outfit once it's completed, too?

Miss T said...

fujita is my favourite painter. oh gosh. your room looks like mine today.
sew be do bead do.

Emily and Abigail said...

congrats on the festival!! I'm really lusting the yellow toned swatch you have.. beautiful!


in the galaxy said...

i know bunka festival. you will do the work well. good luck♡

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