May 3, 2010

walls are cool

The workload at school is crazy, I have backpains from leaning over the desk for hours everyday drawing patterns, cutting etc (but i love it).

Quick post: there's this wall near my grandparents house that I love to look at... I took these photos last time i visited, a few months ago. Soon they're going to be rebuilding this street which means in a couple more years all of this will be gone. So sad.

I'm not even sure what this place is.. There's definitely a house at the back and the signboard says "clothes" but I dont think I've ever seen anything being sold here???

Even the sidewalk here is lined with pink, cute huh?


Amanda said...

beauty in everything! the colors are perfect

Sasha Fay said...

You have a nice blog here, I love your interests, nice taste :)

Sasha Fay

St├ęphane Malingue said...


Teresa said...

Great colors in these photos! Love the rustic feel.


Schizoid Sketchpad said...

Its all in the textures

i love em'

heres one i took with tonnes of texture

hildegarde said...


Ally said...

i love these kinds of surfaces, they are really beautiful. it is such a shame they won't be there for much longer, i guess that is all part of the allure of old, run-down or forgotten spaces, that they are so fragile

Marto said...

Really love the colours and the textures in these pictures!
good work!

Lulu said...

love the color combination and textures in the photos!!

TheGirlInTheMask said...

heyy great photos :)
well your sewing space isnt as messy as mine.... :S
well how did you learn to sew, did you take a class?