January 13, 2010

questionnaire in which i get to talk about spring

What music are you listening to right now?
the best of sade (new album Feb 8!!!)
i love this video

What was the last article of clothing or accessory you purchased?
maroonish brown nike air rifts

Where was your most recent haul?
bookstore. i bought three books yesterday, one of which i'll write about later cuz it's really cool (i will definitely order the Prada book soon too)

What piece do you wish most to add to your closet at the moment?
Charles Anastase dress. baby please dont sell out!!! i'm also looking for a cylindrical felt hat like the ones hotel bellboys wear

What current trend are you loving the most?
girly, pervy and sheer. like an evangelion figurine

What current trend do you hate the most?
hate is a strong word but today's power dressing is kinda lame (the big shoulders, bodycon in black and metallics, tall black strappy shoes etc). when something becomes that predictable and boring, how can it be a reflection of power i'd like to know??

What is your fave style or fashion-centric television program?
AusNTM. and i always get lots of style hints from anime, right now i'm watching cowboy bebop

Who is your favorite designer at the moment?
i cant say enough good things about Christopher kane ss10. it was a collection where everything came together and made sense, you could see a story. it was special.

What is your favorite footwear line?
undecided.. i think nike makes the coolest sneakers by far. i own the most heeled shoes from margiela at the moment but i wouldn't say he's my favorite

Three fave materials?
mmmm cotton cashmere leather? linen and silk are nice for summer

How would you describe your winter look?
boring!!! i tried but i'm really bad with cold weather, to be honest i'm in jeans most of the time. i hate it but i hate being cold more

What will your look be this spring?
i want to wear nudepink and red together. i'm also feeling Victorian era but unsure how it would translate into a cool modern day outfit. maybe a long dress with top hat, frilly petticoat under skirt, that sort of thing

and i like dresses with low waisted voluminous skirts. very anastase. &remember balenciaga ss06? who doesn't love girly dresses with shiny hi-tech footwear

shiny fabric is nice for clothes too, esp when it's with something fuzzy like mohair. i love that beetle colored stuff that's a mix of goldish green and rainbow. clear pvc is fun too.
jil sander

lots of spring shows used shiny fabric in an awesome way, but when i think of shiny i think of old helmut lang and toga in particular

lang ss04

Toga back in the early 2000s was really good. this is fromAW05 "metal core fantasy" (u can see more on youtube)

last but not least i am into that 90s slightly cyberpunk? raver? look that features a tight brightcolored ringer tee and maybe a choker, with the hair tied in lots of small buns.

(does this look have a name? i'm sure bjork wasn't the only one doing it..i found some old middleschool photos of my best friend rocking a similar look, she was really stylish)

What trend do you see becoming the biggest come spring?
girlier silhouettes, soft, sheer, beige, nude etc


Breathless said...

I hate the power dressing too. So uninteresting. Love your idea about a modern Victorian feel for spring!

Nenu said...

Girlier silhouettes, Love it

how to ollie said...

I like your writing style. Nice blog.

Amy T said...

and your so right on not liking the current trends such as black bodycon and big shoulders... i hate them too.