May 25, 2009

cool like a nighttime swimming pool

like i always say, i enjoy adding really teched out accessories to a lo-fi outfit...unfortunately i lost my beloved air rifts (nike's infamous splittoe maryjane sneakers) early this year so i'm on the hunt for another pair preferably in red along with more sneakers like the nike kukini and reebok pump fury.


Amanda said...

wow these are insane! i love the top and bottom ones

geisharock said...

those shoes are crazy. like cross-country, tie-dye spiderman hybrids... I like. xoxo

t. said...

i swear, you're my style twin... i went through a kukini phase!!! went through rift phase... what size do you wear? i may have a pair of rifts to spare, but not sure if you'll dig the color...

yui said...

t., i can totally picture you in rifts! your style is so relaxed but still fun...i love it. i have annoyingly small feet though, my last rifts were either a 5 or 5.5.
i'm interested to know how you wore your kukinis??

coco said...

hey thanks for your comment!
I just found out about ur blog now! I like what I see so far!
lol and we both love Odajo ne!! and I saw u like Tadanobu Asano too. Nice! lol
I will add you to my links on my blog!

coco <3

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