May 22, 2009


I've been thinking about how i want to develop my style
I want my clothes to have a sort of deep, earthy feeling

casual and comfortable, colorful


full of character

there are people who can dress in a certain way
that evokes a wave of emotions and memories and images all at once
this feeling, this quality surrounds them in a very natural way
as though the clothes they wear are simply an extension of who they are

nothing more, nothing less

a while ago i saw this boy
i couldn't identify a single label he was wearing
instead i saw and felt a collection of things

the wind, old curtains, sand, pearls, kaleidoscopes,
sailboats, treasure chests.....

it was very special
very inspiring

i appreciate people bringing something beautiful to the streets

my wardrobe right now is too coherent
too based on labels
i want to collect different, more anonymous clothes
maybe i need to start going vintage shopping again

i want to dress like a scrapbook


Tavi said...

THIS is inspiring. I'm with you on everything here..

t. said...


I started thrifting again... maybe about a month or so ago. it's a nice change of pace from clearing out my account to buy past season margielas to bringing home a bag of awesome things under $20. don't get me wrong, i love both. but yes, i like the scrapbook look :)