July 5, 2008

Do a line for girls, raf

Oh man he did it again. Raf Simons is soooo good. Even though I don't get to wear the real clothes, I'll definitely be replicating these looks because I love looking like a gay boy.

Which reminds me, one of my biggest summer inspirations so far is this look from summer 08:

I just pair a loose brown knit or tee with that ubiquitous A.A polyester tulip skirt in brown, my black cdg backpack and a pair of nike dunks and tada, I've got my very own raf look! I just love that geeky-sporty vibe raf does so well (ditto for miuccia prada).

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Katlin at Urple said...

When I saw this collection, I thought the same thing! I especially liked that first romper pic and the printed vest thing in the second to the last pic.