July 1, 2008

We'll go to that hidden place

As a teenager I was obsessed with design collective m/m paris's artwork used in Bjork's Vespertine album. I guess I sort of identified with it because I tended to do similar scribbles in my notes... At one point I was even going to get a little piece of it tattooed as an addition to a back tattoo I already have. Thank god that didn't happen though, people change and I really would not recommend tattoos for anyone under the age of 20. Anyway Vespertine is still my favorite album by Bjork. The whole package was perfect: she wore that infamous Pejoski swan dress on the cover, m/m's scribbles interwined with gorgeous lyrics, and the songs ohhh the songs always made me cry.


Draumur said...

i myself liked the swan dress to be honest. it fits her as a person. why it got so badly criticized in the end, we will never know.

boxgirl said...

what if the tattoo was a shade darker than your own skin? you could barely see it unless you were up close.