March 4, 2008

"Take off the du-rag replace it with a thinkin cap"

Usually when people who don't know me too well scroll through my ipod (which is something of a regularity seeing as I leave my ipod lying around just about anywhere I am) they kind of laugh at me because there I am in my Comme des Garcons or Martin Margiela looking all avant-garde or rocker chick or whatever and it turns out I listen to loads of hip hop...everything from Pharrell to 2Pac to the Pharcyde.
It's funny how fashion can do that, it gives people an idea of the kind of music you might listen to, or films you might like. And while I like that clothes can reflect a lifestyle, I hate to be labeled or confined to a certain genre. I hate hate hate that.
Besides, I've always enjoyed creating a sort of contrast between what I wear and what I listen to. I love the idea of say, a guy decked out in bling listening to Marcy Playground and reading, I dunno, Fitzgerald or something. Stuff like that kills me. I try to embrace different things because having variety in my life keeps me happy and helps me to evolve.

People Under the Stairs and Pharcyde are genius I think. Try them.

Pharcyde - Passin me by, Runnin

People Under the Stairs - Acid Raindrops, San Francisco Knights

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ger said...

People think it is so bizarre that I listen to hip-hop because I am such a nerd. Bleh.

O hay, I stumbled on your blog :) I never comment so this feels weird.

-ger v.