February 18, 2008

We like short shorts

You know how sometimes when you have a lot you want to write about you end up not writing anything at all...? That's what's been happening with me lately.
But anyway, over the last couple of weeks I've been steadily accumulating pieces for my spring wardrobe (including two pairs of Helmut Lang silk dhoti shorts in black and beige that I told you about before). Shorts are a summer STAPLE for me because I like lazy easy looks...My latest buys were two pairs of balloon shorts (one in shiny khaki and another in beige) by Seta Ichiro. His designs are the pretty-pretty kind that I usually don't go for, but these were just too nice and comfy looking to pass up. At the moment Seta is an exclusive label to just one store in Tokyo, but he'll be branching out to Paris from next season, or so I've heard.
His spring lookbook


SICK. said...

i like the second dress.
& those shorts look gorgeously carefree.


Anonymous said...

Interestinghtr post

Fruchtzwerg said...

beautiful collection!