February 19, 2008

"Sold out" is the single most frightening phrase I know

These are three things I desperately want/wanted but have no way of getting my hands on at this point.

Bruno Pieters//Christian Wijnants//Chloe
Farewell, fall07!


SICK. said...

i know how you feel, i wanted the stella mccartney for lesportsac bunny rucksack, but it was sold out !
sold out even though it isn't even out yet, it's only only preorder.
it was only sold out in the two colours i wanted :[

+ those chloƩ boots are gorgeous.


SICK. said...

also, those pants look like they could be margiela.

& yes i did take those pictures.


Anonymous said...

Sorry. Look please here

Bobble Bee said...

"sold out" is frightening... i know i know...