February 3, 2008

Perfect for spilled vodka

(you have to read the previous post to get the title)
So I went to Vanessa Bruno. And the clothes were every bit as cool as they were in the pictures but I haven't gotten anything yet because I figured it'll still be a while before spring shows it's pretty face. (In fact it's snowing outside this very minute.) And besides it's confirmed that this month I'll be splurging on Alexander Wang's spring collection highlight piece, this double breasted grey tailored blazer (i saw it in person and died). Unfortunately--or maybe fortunately for the sake of my bank account--I can't find much else from the collection that I liked in the stores here, ie:

More flat loafers here too. Do I smell a trend?

P.S Alexander Wang has new pictures of his Spring collection up on his website now. I would put them up here but I don't know how to freeze and save flash photography so go and have yerself a gander.

UPDATE: Alexander Wang's fall collection is AMAZING!!! He's just keeps getting better.


Jessica said...

i lalalove those alexander wang jean shorts.
i am currenntly attemopting to make some of my own, but they can't turn out as cool as his.
he's just on another level.


ChiliLady said...

your blog is SO awesomeness!