February 2, 2008

A midsummer night's dream

Vanesso Bruno makes really nice leather bags (I own one myself) but as a fashion designer she's never particularly been on my radar. Her collection this season has really blown me away though...there's nothing too outrageous going on, but that's the point. All of this is stuff I could just throw on and be able to hang out in, mid-summer, without sweating bullets. Easy breezy and perfect.
What really caught my eye:
1. the idea of pairing floaty nude/creme garments with bold black sandals.
2. the shiny orange shorts. Paired with a nude blouse. Ayeow.
3. the pink anorak that would probably fit me as a dress
4. orange lipstick. That model in the second picture with the thick eyebrows and tangerine lips looks amazing.
5. everything, really.
I'm going to the store tomorrow to see what the real deal is with all this stuff. I'm obsessed. Hopefully some of it will be joining my wardrobe soon. God I can't wait for summer. (<-- How many times have I said this already? Is anyone as weary of winter and stupid stupid coats and cardigans and gloves and boots as I am? I miss the sun too much)


Stephanie said...

I really like your aesthetic! That might sound pretty strange but it's quite different from that of most of the other bloggers, and although I would never seek out the styles/collections you feature on my own, seeing them presented here gives me a whole new perspective. Does that make sense? Well basically, I just mean great blog! And I love the Vanessa Bruno collection too.

cc said...

thanks stephanie. your comment could be one of the nicest i've gotten so far. i love to think that people with different styles
can come here and enjoy what they see.