February 25, 2008

Girl crush: Tania Raymonde

This French-American actress who plays Alex on Lost has really been growing on me over the last month. I like her face and her hair and her voice, and I know nothing of her personal style but she exudes a coolness which I'm thinking is no mean feat considering the A&F-style garb they make her wear on the show. In fact she manages to make those ripped tank tops, checkered shirts and dirty messenger bags look good, and you have to kinda love her for that.

And she looks a lot like Amy Winehouse (albeit a much cleaner prettier version) dontcha think?


Anonymous said...

She's indeed gorgeous! I love her hair, eyes and lips. Never saw her on the show, though, I stopped wathcing after first season.

SICK. said...

whoa, wasn't she the super annoying girl (cynthia i think it was) who was occasionally on malcolm in the middle !?
i think so.


Julia said...

never knew her before, but thanks for sharing! love her aura;-)

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I love it ! Very creative ! That's actually really cool Thanks.

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Oh god, I love Tania Raymonde so much, her beautiful eyes entices me like a serpent, seriously.