August 27, 2012


oh man.. where to begin?

it's been over a year since i started working as a stylist and assistant to a costume designer i respect more than ever. i've had a handful of exciting, exhausting and downright crazy experiences, have met and worked with incredible people, and everyday i learn a little more about clothing and what makes it so wonderful to work with.

my job is not easy and it requires more energy than i'd ever imagined, more passion than i ever knew i had
but i want to continue to dress people for as long as i love fashion in the crazy way that i do now,
i hope this never changes.

here is my very short summer playlist
everyday i run around tokyo with the sun beating down on my back
dreaming of swimming pools and snowcones and santa fe with these 4 songs on repeat

ps i miss blogging pps how are you all?


Deanne said...

missed you! i wonder how your tastes have changed and what you're wearing and if you care about what you're wearing and how everything you makes you feeeeeel. is that weird? i just miss your fresh perspective in general but i hope your life is too fulfilling to fill us in. i think wanderlusters like us deserve that.

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