November 17, 2010


Random stuff I want you to know:::::

-I did halloween twice this year, the first time I was Joan of Arc because I wanted an excuse to make this crown from the 1928 movie (I made mine out of thick plastic wire wrapped with brown wool string)

and the second time I was Taro Okamoto's tower of the sun, which ended up looking super lame!

My Pierre et Gilles book is full of nice halloween ideas, if time and money (and creativity and patience) were not an issue I would have been a blinged out Mary or a queer Jesus

-I am really into the theme song for the 1999 tv drama Keizoku, Chronic Love, produced by Sakamoto Ryuichi. (The music video features a big wool knitted dress from Yohji Yamamoto AW98! )

-I hadn't been following tumblrs for a while so I was happy to come back and find so many people posting and reposting sailormoon images. I have totally been feeling sailormoon too! Although I guess it's not that surprising, what with all the 90s childhood nostalgia sweeping the internet lately....

I've even collected a bunch of images of sailormoon locket/compact/wand toys (and I came across the blogs of some INSANE toy collectors while I was at it). To this day I find these things really aesthetically pleasing. I think the beauty of them lies in their complete uselessness. All they did was lightup or make little noises, and yet I remember there was something magical about holding a sailormoon compact in your hand...they were so shiny, so round, so smooth... They had crazy names too, like "prism heart compact", "crisis moon compact" and my favorite, "kaleidomoonscope".


Anonymous said...

I adored Sailor Moon. It was the reason that made me become interested in Japan in the first place. And then I ended up studying about Japan as my main subject in university. Putting it this way makes it sound extremely nerdy. But Sailor Moon was my destiny.

Hope your studies are going well!

Ally said...

I loved Sailor Moon too! I remember watching it before school everyday in Primary and early High School. Such a great way to start the day. I should find some episodes on the net and bring the tradition back. Your Halloween ideas are so good too!

Anonymous said...

I loved the show Sailor Moon as a kid. I still kinda do.

-Zane of ontario honey