March 15, 2010

night cruising

The other night I couldn't sleep so I was browsing a bunch of japanese online shops and I came across these headpieces by Suso Akiko

I am soo obsessed with these now. They're interesting but simple enough to wear with tee and jeans and I like that they look so light and breezy because a lot of headdresses of this kind tend to look too extravagant for everyday wear? The curly woven ones are nice but I love the tribal print too, I'm having a hard time choosing which one to get...

Anyway I went to Suso Akiko's website and found lots of great images from her previous exhibitions (Suso Akiko is a Japanese hat designer and illustrator)

What a great little place for a hat exhibition

Really love the way her hats are displayed in some of these exhibitions.

And here are just a few more pretty things I found

Astier de Villatte vase (I like a lot of their ceramics) and Lyndie Dourthe venus flytrap brooch

Keita Takano paintings

Bunny sculptures by Viou Blot, that flat butt is so cute

and last but not least, Juco tabi laceup flats



fashionfamous said...

Woww! it's incredible

¡Besitos fashionistas!

Casey said...

Oh man! I LOVE the headdresses! Looks like a good starting off point for a DIY project.

Anonymous said...

Oh god, I WANT that 2nd headdress! Love your blog...I linked you on mine, with doodles :) (which is

erl said...

Like the headdresses - not too pretty pretty and have character. HAHA funny bunny.

meghan said...

i am in love with all of the hats! I especially love the headband pieces. where did you find those?

beautiful hats

Anonymous said...

I always love the style Japan has to offer in terms of clothing. They are majority cute when it comes to that. The hats are very pretty.

-Zane of ontario honey