February 16, 2010

we have already begun

I went to the hair salon for the first time in aages and got the sides of my head shaved (buzzed?) again, i shaved a lot this time so it looks kind of butch but I love it

Last night I watched Akira and now I can't stop listening to the soundtrack by yamashiro shoji. I'm thinking about getting the cd, i think it's that good. The movie itself isnt really my taste, I'm reading the comic now which is probably only a bit better, although i do love that whole cyberpunk 80s japanese vibe. but the music the music is what it's about ahhh u should listen to this with headphones

there's a comment on youtube below this song that i like, it's a bit pretentious but i agree

"whenever i hear this song i go into a trance and have visions of time travelling and flying, of the end of time and space, of the miracle of life and death. it feels like the lowest depths of the ocean and the outermost layer of the stratosphere are touching and reversible, like you don't know which way is up or down. "


Steffi said...

I love that song, too!
The movie, hm, I really love the aninmation, it blows my mind to think that they had no 3D at that time and all the complex tech and building animation is completely hand-drawn!! But the story is confusing and so much more trivial than the comic.
There is a lot of character development and society portrait in the comic, it is really much better.

Derrick said...

as much as i like the akira soundtrack, i think newer electro fits the 80's cyberpunk theme a bit better. check out this video with akira clips to the music of DANGER.


Blue Floppy Hat said...

One of my friends is a massive Akira fan, but I could never get too far into it- a bit of a mental block against most non-shoujo manga put paid to that. The new hair does sound amazing, though.

KD said...

I wish I could contribute something worthwhile (if a bit pretentious, like that comment) but all I can really think of is . . . please put up pictures of your hair! It sounds awesome!

Tom Vogart said...

i loooove the song, and ur blog obviouslly

piotre said...

It's not my cup of tea, but compleeeetely MIND BLOWIN'

Anonymous said...