August 12, 2009

playing with polyvore!!

&getting ready to hibernate

in the fall my style gets all blah, everyday i wear a combination of some kind of fur or duffelcoat with a crappy tshirt, some jeans and nike dunks. it might sound kinda cool and "effortless" typed out but it it isn't cuz i'm not a blonde model, it's really just boring. this fall i want to spice things up a bit, the basic idea will be the same since it's impreative im comfortable and warm...but i want to add more streetwear brands and interesting accessories (caps, headpieces, headphones etc) and look like a rich and tacky gay city boy:

balenciaga jacket, reebok hitops, supreme 'disruptive camp' cap, balenciaga jeans, margiela hoops, rick owens fur toad, balenciaga tote

miu miu jacket, margiela airplane ring, reebok hitops, bless sky print sweater, balenciaga jeans, y-3 cap, margiela hoops, balenciaga tote
burberry prorsum coat, nike dunks, eskuche white/silver headphones, balenciaga jeans, margiela gift bow ring, bless sunglasses, bless sweater, sswr birkin
etro jacket, margiela airplane ring, nike dunks, eskuche gold/black headphones, balenciaga jeans, bless sunglasses, bless sky print sweater, jeremy scott tote
ines marechal vest, nike dunks, tourdeforce headpiece, balenciaga jeans, jeremy scottXschott jacket, margiela tote
ines marechal vest, nike dunks, y-3 cap, balenciaga jeans, ksubi tee, rolex submariner, margiela tote
balenciaga jacket, nike dunks, tourdeforce headpiece, rettore ring, balenciaga jeans, balenciaga necklace, anntian tee, balenciaga tote

this song is soooo fresh


Amanda said...

you're killin me with these!! so fresh. nice work..

Anonymous said...

I am totally, utterly, completely diggin' this.

t. said...

:) i love how you love cali hiphop tunes... we've got much to share other than fashion :)

t. said...

i'm totally inspired to dig for my y-3 white velcro hi-tops.

Ally said...

these are so so good

Lilee said...

loving the red two coloured sunnies! haha

Maryann said...

goooooood song.

DON'T FORGET THE 'Y' said...

the etro jacket is amazing!

Anonymous said...


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