June 14, 2009

laugh kookaburra laugh kookaburra, gay your life must be

i'm really not a huge fan of either but i'd say chris kane wins.
that particular cdg collection wasn't one of my faves--the color palette of silver/white/black was boring, and if you lost the cool headpieces there wouldnt have been much left to make an interesting show. (although the individual pieces were gorgeous as always)
kane's idea is pretty mediocre, i mean i had those abomb images saved oon my pc since 2006, but considering they're just digitalprints i thought the collection was executed quite tastefully and beautifully

anyway. guess what i've been listening to lately..........

this album brings back so many childhood memories. i was this super-tanned, awkward, geeky little japanese kid living in australia back when this came out...i love tokyo but life was fun back then too. we'd eat lunch under the kookaburra tree with cows and frill-necked lizards and chew on honeysuckle flowers for dessert. "fashion" meant Esprit tshirts, flower-print bikeshorts and LA Gear light-up sneakers. good times.


t. said...

hah weird! i've been hoarding vintage esprit product images and have meaning to post them... just not enough good ones yet to post

t. said...



yui said...

on sale too!

Anonymous said...

i love how you described your childhood, made me think. (:

i think christopher kane's collection was executed perfectly, i'm impressed with all the resort 2010 collections i've seen so far, it's crazy, it's like the recessions brought out the best of the designers.

xxx kate

glamourgirl said...

i still LOVE aqua aquarium - best album ever! haha

Kaahl said...

aqua were good times. I remember jamming to it as a kid. summer. it's great. Dress Launderette

ct said...

oh aqua! i use play barbie on my boombox like 5 times a day

bonbon’s vintage

Anonymous said...

I miss hearing Aqua on the radio.

-Zane of ontario honey